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Greetings AI Security Enthusiasts,

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Promptalanche, a new Capture The Flag (CTF) challenge focused on prompt injection vulnerabilities. As AI and machine learning continue to transform technology, understanding prompt manipulation is critical for security professionals.

What’s the Game?

In Promptalanche, each level is an enigma of its own—your goal is to get the AI to reveal a hidden secret. Crack the code, master the prompt, and proceed to the next level.

Why Should You Care?

While this is a practice run, consider it a warm-up. We’re gearing up to release a competitive CTF with prizes that you won’t want to miss. Keep your skills sharp and your eyes peeled for the announcement.

More Than Just Core Challenges

Beyond our core challenges, we’re elevating the game by introducing scenarios that mimic agents in real-world applications. These aren’t just theoretical exercises; they’re a sneak peek into how prompt injection could be leveraged to exploit real-world AI systems.

Consider this your formal invitation to experience, first-hand, the emerging frontier of AI vulnerabilities. The Promptalanche challenge not only measures your skill but also prepares you for real-world situations.

Best regards,

The Fondu.AI team

Find Promptalanche here!